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Shenzhen Lixiang Energy Co., Ltd is a professional li-ion battery solutions provider, we concentrate on the R & D, design, manufacture, marketing, sales and services of Li-ion battery and its related components to the OEM electronics market. The company is committed to providing the most optimal battery solutions and supplying high-quality battery related products for customers. Since its inception in 2008, the company has developed the batteries for heatingclothes, POS machine, industrial computers, medical equipment, electric toys, electric tools, small solar home lighting systems and industrial mobile lighting etc. Based on our current battery products, we will extend our battery application in the electric bicycles, electric vehicles/auto and energy storage power station and other areas. In line with the application of Li-ionbattery, and providing more professional service for customers, the company also develops a series of power supply: li-ion battery charger (Voltage: 3V-48V, Power: 0W-150W), solar charger and special li-battery switching power supply etc. Our ISO 9001 certifiedmanufacturing plant is located in Shenzhen China. In its three-floor 5, 000sqm factory, the company conducts all manufacturing processes in house, including plastic injection, mold making, PCB assembly and software design. The factory has its mold-making workshop which is equipped with two grinding machines, two drill machines and a CNC machine. It also has its own SMT workshop, which is equipped with two SMT machines and one reflow soldering machine. This allows the company to provide the quick prototype turnaround through production and offer the best OEM service to all customers. The company currently markets its products in North & South American, European and Asian countries.


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Developer, Distributor, Exporter, Importer, Manufacturer, Trader, Webshop

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Adhesives: Adhesive Removers, Adhesive Tapes, Adhesives, Contact Adhesives, Drying Adhesives, Glues, Multi-Part Adhesives, Natural Adhesives, Pressure Sensitive Adhesives, Synthetic Adhesives, etc
Alternative Medicines: Alternative Medicines
Arts: Arts
Baby Products: Baby Diapers, Baby Products
Cars: Cars
Chemicals: Chemicals, Inorganic Chemicals - T, Inorganic Chemicals - U, Inorganic Chemicals - V, Inorganic Chemicals - X
Clocks: Clocks
Software: Lighting Software, Sanitary Ware Software
Construction Services: Construction Services
Consumer Electronics: Bluetooth Earphones, Bluetooth Headphones, Bluetooth Headset, Bluetooth Products, Consumer Electronics, Optical Fiber Products
Cosmetics: Eye Makeup, Makeup Sets
Electronics: Acoustic Components, Capacitors, Connectors, Diodes, Electronic Circuits, Electronic Filters, Electronics, LCD Modules, LED Displays, Light-Emitting Diodes, etc
Energy Products: Energy Products
Feed Additives: Growth Promoters, Immune Stimulants
Food Additives: Food Additives
Furnishings: Candle Lighting
Garden Products: Garden Lighting
Gifts: Gifts
Hardware: Pharmaceutical Pipes, Sanitary Fittings, Sanitary Pipes
Headwear: Baby Baseball Caps, Boaters, Boys Baseball Caps, Bucket Hats, Girls Baseball Caps
Kitchenware: Kitchenware
Lighting: Candle Lighting, Ceiling Lights, Desk Lamps, Event Lighting, Flashlights, Floor Lamps, Fluorescent Lighting, Garden Lighting, Home Lighting, Industrial Lighting, etc
Marketing: Marketing
Medical Products: Medical Devices, Medical Instruments, Medical Monitoring Devices
Medicines: Abatacept Capsules, Abietis Capsules, Acarbose Capsules, Acebutolol Capsules, Acetylcysteine Capsules, Aciclovir Capsules, Acipimox Capsules, Acitretin Capsules, Aclidinium Capsules, Activated Dimeticone Capsules, etc
Mining Supplies: Mining Supplies
Minerals: Minerals
Office Supplies: Office Lighting
Packagings: Adhesive Tapes
Paints: Paints
Personal Care Products: Eye Makeup, Makeup Sets
Pesticides: Pesticides
Pharmaceutical Products: Acitretin Capsules, Agalsidase Alfa Capsules, Albiglutide Capsules, APIs, APIs - D, APIs - E, APIs - F, APIs - H, APIs - I, APIs - K, etc
Promotional Products: Promotional Badges, Promotional Clocks, Promotional Computer Accessories, Promotional Consumer Electronics, Promotional Drinkware, Promotional Keychains, Promotional Kitchenware, Promotional Lanyards, Promotional Office Supplies, Promotional Watches
Sanitary Ware: Bidets
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Consulting: Animal Feed Consulting, Car Consulting, Lighting Consulting, Promotional Product Consulting
Research: Sanitary Ware Research
Packaging Services: Chemical Packaging Services
Car Supplies: Car Audio, Car Brackets, Car Navigation Systems, Car Video
Furniture: Bidets, Furniture


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